Here you will find the music we have written and released under the name Poppy Perezz. Our debut album “We Are Yours” will be out on July 16th 2012, stay tuned!



We Are Yours  is Out on July 16th 2012

We Are Yours (2012)

  1. Zicatela
  2. Hoping To See You
  3. Ghosts & Skulls
  4. White Tigers
  5. I Give Up Myself
  6. Up On the Hill
  7. Now I know
  8. Space Antelope
  9. My Heart
  10. World Embracing

This is how the album looks like inside…

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I Give Up Myself (2012)

1. I Give Up Myself (Radio Edit)

2. I Give Up Myself (Panzon Tropical Remix)

3. I Give Up Myself (Misery Guts Remix)



Space Antelope (2012)

1. Space Antelope (Radio Edit)

2. Space Antelope (Shuffling Strangefoot Remix)

3. Space Antelope (Panzon Tropical Remix)

4. Space Antelope (T’M Remix)





  1. Zicatela (Full Album Version)
  2. Zicatela (Radio Edit)
  3.  Zicatela (Instrumental)



emerald birds

Emerald Birds! EP (2008)

  1. Emerald Birds!
  2. Who knows?
  3. Ghosts & Skulls
  4. Hollow Reed
  5. Spirits
  6. Skirts and Stockings

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