Here is a collection of what various people have said about us in the press, some good, none bad, some seem to be genuinely confused but excited!

 ”This is Poppy Perezz on Radio 1 with Space Antelope. They are from Mexico, Trinidad and England, based in Bristol and you can find this on Beach Hut Records. It’s called ‘We Are Yours’ the album. It’s a chirpy little number isn’t it? It makes me think of Miles Davis… It’s a big key change that… it’s bigger than West Life!”

- Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

“Some bands can make the world seem like a sunnier place even when it’s been raining for weeks, and Poppy Perezz is one of them. On this debut,  Poppy’s airy vocal melodies lilt above a festival-esque backdrop of jazzy gypsy pop, singing songs about love, longing and, er, a space antelope. They’re not predictable, with the soft, meandering ‘My Heart’ followed by the trip-hop inspired, synth-based ‘World Embracing’, but all the songs are bound together by feather-light harmonies, making for a very pleasant, relaxing album.

- (JMM) The Source (Critic July 2012)


“Sometimes, mixtures of music can seem frightening, if not horrifying. While reading the mixtures “Poppy Perezz” brought together on their debut album, “We Are Yours” (released on Beach Hut Records)  I was terrified before embarking on its journey of Mariachi, tropical, bubble gum synth pop.

But I am very, very happy with my experience. It is an awesome release, and while I must admit it might seem the sort of album that is not for everyone, I can say that it is highly accessible and incredibly enjoyable. It’s a very soft sort of listen that carries you throughout the West African rythmns and at times, reggae influenced psychedelia. It’s incredibly colorful and obviously original.

It sounds as if “School of Seven Bells” got lost in the tropics of Puerto Rico and woke up in Mexico with an English flag tattooed onto their stomachs. It’s a wonderful, colorful release that brings together cultures that I’ve never heard mixed like this before. It’s uplifting, hopeful and sunny. The collision of colors, originality and laid-back appeal is something dearly missed in our music culture today. Her voice is incredible, the musicianship is incredible and it all works together like one, insanely colorful Piñata marching freely around the world. Get it on July 16th. Just chill out, relax, and take in the blissful rainbow rays of “We Are Yours”.”

-Xavi Vil @ (June 22 2012)


- Q Magazine (May 2012)

“Why won’t this music make me sad?!”

-Ben Dowden (4/02/12)

“Poppy Perezz have been transplanted from a Caribbean resort. At times they are laughably Disney, cringe-worthy even, yet bags of charm and slick musicianship turn this into a surprising and genuinely different performance. Singer Poppy Villiers-Stuart is the right kind of slightly mad, making her cutesy vocals and restrained dancing a reason to smile and not scorn. Guitarist and synth player Pablo Perezzarate (see what they did there) is a musician to whom execution is key, he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, his professionalism is matched by his rhythm section, who add all the pops and shuffles needed to truly globalise the sound of this intriguing outfit. Yes, at times it is almost childlike, but never childish, imagine that the Teletubbies moved to Mexico and started an electro-pop band, we’d all be hooked. Unpretentiousness is a real asset to a band’s hope of engaging an audience, this, coupled with the fun they are clearly all having on stage, makes for a very happy crowd indeed.”

-Bearded Magazine (24/11/11)


“Following such a strong and confident performance from a band so near the top of their game is always going to be tricky, and Bristolians Poppy Perezz – listed on their record sleeve as “Poppy Perezz And The Plasticene Peacock” – would have had their work cut out for them were they not so relentlessly, unassailably cheerful that they seem completely unaware of the mountain they have to climb. Instead, they sail straight into an immensely cute set of what they called “pinball electro”, and what we’ll call “chirp-hop”. A Mexican guitarist and laptop-wrangler backs the spitting image of Pushing Daisies era Anna Friel, who floats, flauts and sings, and the duo immediately win over the audience with their elated nintendo charm-pop. And while it’s the sweetest thing to see, it never seems affected or saccharine. Halfway into the set the singer announces their song about “when the bubble bursts” – her “journey through the darkness” – and the song kicks in with soca-style synth glockenspiel, fast reggae guitar and laser sound effects, to which the smiling and floaty dancing is, if anything, more animated than before. By the time they’re halfway through the song ‘Space Antelope’ – dedicated to a friend of theirs who, apparently, is “a bit of a space antelope”, the audience has formed into a spontaneous conga line, amid a proclamation that “we’re all space antelopes”! I’m aware that to many an MiO reader this will sound like hell on stilts, but there are nothing but smiles in the Wheatsheaf tonight, from an audience who came to see very different things.”

-Mark Wilden, Music in Oxford (Sept 29, 2010)


 “Bristol’s best electro latin funk duo.”

-       Martin Booth, Bristol Culture (Aug 23, 2010)



“Eccentric and beautiful electro-latin pop from these youthful and talented duo. Fun songs by fun musicians for a fun audience.”

-       Kit Mckenzie, Bristol Listings (Jul 06, 2010)

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