We hope that you’ll enjoy our videos. They have all been filmed on a shoestring but with loads of love and enthusiasm!

We hope they’ll give you an idea of what we are like as a band, and of the various influences in both our music and live performances…

Live at Factory Studios Series:

We needed some videos of the band playing live so we could get more bookings and into the summer festivals. We got in touch with Ollie Green and his friend Rueben Gaines and they turned up with a whole movie studio in our cramped little performance place. It was a lot of fun and here’s the result!

“Zicatela” Poppy Perezz Live at Factory Studios from Poppy Perezz on Vimeo.

“Space Antelope” Poppy Perezz Live at Factory Studios from Poppy Perezz on Vimeo.

“My Heart” Poppy Perezz Live at Factory Studios from Poppy Perezz on Vimeo.


Music Videos

We’ve only done one “proper” video for one of our songs. We filmed this whilst traveling in Mexico in 2010 and felt that the colour of our surroundings really added something to our music, so the whole Mexican iconography has become a must in all our photo shoots and performances since then. There will be many more videos to come!

Hoping To See You 2010 from Poppy Perezz on Vimeo.


Whilst in Mexico we did a series of acoustic videos with just Poppy and Pablo playing the songs. We’d just put down the mic on a table or something in front of us and let the camera roll. Very low tech but effective!

Ghosts & Skulls from Poppy Perezz on Vimeo.

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Nick Hardy June 22, 2012 at 12:39 am

Hey Poppy, and Pablo who i have not met, so good to hear all this music etc and Guy, your Uncle, gave me a cd when i was last in Nayland which has been in heavy rotation in my car! Joyful to the max, many congratulations.
Hope we might see you one day in New York and up with us in the Hudson / Woodstock area of new York state.
(We are keeping an eye on the voyage of the Winny too.)
lots of love Nick, Marta, Luisa and Emma (we last saw you years ago in Cumbria on our way to Mull, i think, or was it Trant’s wedding?)


Natalia October 22, 2014 at 2:28 am

Jen Browning / Hi,I’m a Hole in The Wall Gang Camper from 1994 a long time ago. And my week at camp still lives with me and although the fedinrs I made have moved on, and we’ve lost touch, I think about them often, fondly. These memories last a lift-time and inspire you to carry on. I had such a great time, met so many people, campers and counsellors and did so many different things. That was such a great summer; I hope you all had as much fun as me!


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